Welcome to the Piers, i hope u came prepared.

being a public beach, there is a long list of rules and warnings that everyone should be familiar with.  and although there may not be lifeguards present at this particular stretch of beach, they do groomings each morning, 4-wheel by at times, as well as patroll the parking area. 

the beach closes at sunset, however i cant confirm this is heavily enforced.  just dont try to campout or party overnight.  also, dont bother to bring your pets, as they aren't welcome past the walking/bike path.

i enjoy the little pictures of the DOs and DON'Ts to no end.



(picture) signs are posted at some of the entrances to the beach

Some things you might need to know about.

there is a Circle K Convenience Store on the island that will supply u with most items u forgot and it's open 24 hours a day.  unfortunately there are no bathrooms or showers nearby, so u will need to drive or walk south to the Public Restrooms at Coquina Beach

Circle K Convenience Store

Public Restrooms at Coquina Beach

Now that you're here, lets look around.

on the weekends, when the weather is nice, many people fill the pier region.  from local friends and families, to groups of surf-boarders, and even non-english speaking vacationers.  it thins out during the work-week, unless there is a big storm surge or other event to draw the surfers out of hiding.

at most i've seen about 50 surfers out at one time.  this includes all types of surfers, including kayak-ers and kite-boarders.  skim-boarders are around also, but as they remain on shore-line, aren't really surfers.


A few things to keep in mind.

the piers can be dangerous at times.  so pay attention to the clues.

red tide has not been seen for a while now, and i dont miss that freaky red foam at all.  but if people start coughing and u can taste something metallic in the air, leave immediately.

watch for seaweed, a few types can cause irritation to the skin and eyes.

you will often come across dead sea animals such as birds, fish, jelly-fish, urchins, horse-shoe crabs.  avoid when possible, let some kid poke em with a stick, it will make his day.

rip currents only rarely form when there are storm surges.  they usually travel parallel to the beach around the end of the piers.  they wont drag u out to sea so much as down the beach and maybe into a pier.