Welcome to Bradenton Beach

the City of Bradenton Beach has two public beaches with free parking,  Cortez Beach & Coquina Beach.  Cortez Beach has the piers where the surfing takes place, and is located across from 6th - 13th Streets Gulf Dr South, on the west (left) side of the island.  park under the trees.

use the satellite/hybrid view to see Cortez Beach's Twin Piers on the map

"i love this beach"

i may not have grown up in Florida, or anywhere near this beach, but
i call this place home.  so deal with it people, i'm a local now.

i like to surf any way i can, board or not.  the waves on the gulf are not always
super fantastic, but u take what u get and make the best of it, right...?

so bring your longboard, shortboard, body-board, or just your body,
and come catch a few waves down by the piers.  be seeing you soon...